Special Promotional Parts Offers – Stock up today whilst prices are low!


With Summer and the Harvest well and truly with us (with plenty of sunshine too) we have some very special promotional parts offers for you.

These offers which are for July and August 2018 include discounted prices on a range of products including Moisture Meters, Aeration Spears and Pile Dry Pedestals.

Included in these parts offers are:

3M Dust Masks.

This pack of 10 3M Dust Masks are comfortable to use and suitable for use in many applications including asbestos removal, chemical industry, agriculture and construction, metal machining and more. With a M-shaped nose piece, this helps to adjust the mask quickly and gain the best comfort. An innovative filter medium provides more protection and low airway resistance.

Priced at only £28.50 plus vat per pack.

400 gram Grease Cartridge

These high quality Lithum Moly grease cartridges are suitable for use on any type of application requiring this type of grease. Available in 400 gram sizes to fit most popular types of grease gun.

Priced at only £1.75 plus vat per cartridge.

Martin Lishman TDS Hotspot Aeration Spear. Sorry we have now sold out of these at our special price.

This efficient budget price standard aeration spear is cheaper but the fan is smaller, so is slower to cool the grain, covers a smaller area and will need to be moved more frequently. It consists of an aeration spear, handle and standard single phase fan with a maximum airflow of 470m3/h (275cfm) and Cools up to 15 tonnes of grain at a time, in an area 3m square (9m2). It cures hot spots in 24 hours, depending on ambient conditions and the fan is supplied with 2 metres of cable.

Martin Lishman F2 Pedestal Fan.

Pile-Dry Fans are the most powerful low volume fans available, delivering an airflow of more than 10m3/hour/tonne and, if ambient conditions allow, will cool grain below 15°C within 2 weeks of harvest and down to 5°C by Christmas. The F2/1/B Pedestal Fan offers power of 1ph, 1.5HP, 1.1kW with a maximum airflow of 2380m3/h (1400 cfm).

Priced at only £465.00 plus vat.

2″ Silver Grain Tape.

This heavy duty 2″ Silver Grain Tape is perfect for repair and protection and comes in a handy 25 metre roll.

Priced at only £4.95 plus vat.

HUSQVARNA 125B Leaf Blower

The Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower is an efficient petrol blower that combines high blowing power with user friendliness and is the perfect leaf blower for homeowners. A well balanced lightweight leaf blower that’s easy to manouevre thanks to in-lined air outlet.

It features an auto-return stop switch that automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting, cruise control so the fan speed can be set for easier handling, an adjustable blowing tube length and has an air speed of 76 m/s. It is lightweight at only 4.26kg.

MRRP £245.00 including VAT. Our price is only £172.00 plus vat (£206.40 including vat).

Martin Lishman P2 Pile Dry Pedestal.

The Martin Lishman grain cooling P2 Pile-Dry Pedestal works best in deeper rather than shallow grain – this helps air to be sucked from further away rather than take a short route from the surface. If grain walls are low or weak the grain can be surcharged up around the pedestal and slope down towards the wall or floor – the grain does not have have to be level when sucking. Allow one P2 pedestal per 6m x 6m (20′ x 20′) area – 3m from the walls and 6m between each one. c.80 to 120 tons per unit.

Priced at only £140.00 plus vat.


Martin Lishman GRN3000IS Grainmaster I2 Moisture Meter.

Built on the foundations of the UK’s most popular moisture meter, the Grainmaster I2 offers the same accurate moisture measurement with new enhancements. Using tried and tested crop calibrations, the robust electronics of the Grainmaster I2-S give high levels of repeatability between samples. As a grinding moisture meter you can also be confident that readings will record moisture accurately throughout each sample.

New features of the Grainmaster I2 include; multi-lingual options, new keypad design, easy read backlit display, USB connectivity and Bluetooth enabled.

The Grainmaster I2-S is supplied in a hard carry case with a button dust protector, spare grinder-blade set, spare battery and free first year service voucher. Martin Lishman also provide a full 12 month warranty and a complete after-sales service and calibration back-up capability.

Priced at only £540.00 plus vat.


To take advantage of these fantastic Special Promotional Parts Offers, contact our parts department today, as at these great prices, we don’t expect stocks to last very long.

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All prices quoted exclude VAT at the prevailing rate and prices shown are whilst stocks last and only during July and August 2018. We reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time during the promotional period. Terms and conditions apply.