Special Promotional Parts Offers – Stock up today whilst prices are low!


With the New Year upon us, we have some very special promotional parts offers for you.

These offers which are for January and February 2022 only, include discounted prices on a range of products including bird scaring products, garden machinery, workshop equipment and Buckler Boots.

Included in these parts offers are:


Skybird Agricultural Bird Scaring Rockets:

Supplied as a pack of 10 rockets, these are the ULTIMATE DETERRENT to clear away persistent and stubborn birds for long periods.  The unexpected loud mid-air explosion ensures non return for many hours, especially when used with a second rocket set off very soon after the first one.

Supplied as a box of 10 Skybird rockets.

Our price only £12.95 plus VAT


Double Bang Bird Scaring Banger Ropes:

These double banger ropes (where every other bang is a double), is designed to mimic a shotgun in the field and to make bird scaring more effective. With 12 ropes per box, there are 18 bangs per rope giving an approximate time between bangs of 30 minutes and have a total burning time of approximately 6 hours.

Supplied as a box of 12 ropes with 18 bangs per rope.

Our price only £32.50 plus VAT


Portek Crop Guard:

This heavy duty bird scarer is made with robust polypropylene blades, rustproof bearings and plated steel components and being wind driven requires no battery power or electricity. Disorientate the birds with reflective, flashing movement, it is built to withstand the UK’s harsh climate and will last for many maintenance free years.

Our price only £45.00 plus VAT.


10% Discount off Bucker Boots:

Get a huge 10% discount off the range of Buckler Boots from stock. Buckler Boots are of the highest quality and offer unrivalled levels of protection and comfort.


Traffic Film Remover:

Removes dirt and grime from the exterior surfaces of agricultural and industrial vehicles and equipment thanks to a powerful blend of surfactants with water softeners and alkalis to loosen and remove soiling. Supplied as a 25 litre drum.

Our price only £28.95 plus VAT.


Draper 02082 2-Ton Trolley Jack:

This low entry short chassis jack is ideal for reduced clearance vehicles. It is portable and has a compact design for easy storage with a steel chassis and rear swivelling steel castors. Fitted with a safety valve, which prevents the jack from overloading and supplied with a one piece handle.

  • Capacity 2 Tonne (2,000kg)
  • Minimum Height 85mm
  • Maximum Height 380mm

Our price only £39.00 plus VAT


Husqvarna H1 120 ll 14″ Petrol Chainsaw :

This lightweight and efficient easy to use all-round 14″ chainsaw is ideal for homeowners. Thanks to sufficient cutting performance the saw makes light work of cutting firewood and light felling and features X-Torq® engine technology for low emissions and air injection that keeps the filter clean.

Our price only £119.00 plus VAT


Husqvarna 597432201 Chainsaw Safety Kit:

This Husqvarna chainsaw safety kit is designed to provide maximum safety and comfort to the operator and includes chaps with saw protection class 1 (20m/s), functional gloves with saw protection (16m/s) and a forest helmet Classic. The one size chaps can be used over your regular working trousers.

Our price only £99.95 plus VAT



To take advantage of these fantastic Special Promotional Parts Offers, contact our parts department today, as at these great prices, we don’t expect stocks to last very long.

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All prices quoted exclude VAT at the prevailing rate and prices shown are whilst stocks last and only during January and February 2022. We reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time during the promotional period. Terms and conditions apply.