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For over 180 years Kuhn have been manufacturing a wide choice of agricultural machinery to meet every farmer’s requirements.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, the Kuhn range of products are built to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding farmer and contractor. Providing outstanding quality, longevity and service life.

Included in their product line-up are:


They offer two types of plough; the ‘mounted reversible plough’ and ‘semi-mounted reversible plough’.

The mounted reversible range of Master ploughs come in a wide choice of models that are extremely robust and have body numbers ranging from 2 to 7.

The semi-mounted reversible range of Leader, Vari-Manager and Challenger and Vari-Challenger ploughs use a linkage system that allows them to use more bodies than a mounted plough for a given power output. Their manoeuvrability also means that they can be used on tight places whilst still retaining high work rates.


The range of Kuhn Tillage products can help you get the most out of your soil to improve crop yields and include:

  • Deep cultivators
  • Stubble cultivators
  • Disc harrows
  • Seedbed preparation tools
  • Strip-Till

Seed Drills

Crop yield potential is heavily dependent on seeding efficiency and effectiveness and the Kuhn range of seeding products can ensure a perfect seeding operation with or without tilling and include:

  • Mounted seed drills
  • Integrated seed drills
  • Seed hoppers
  • Cover crop seed drills
  • Precision seed drills
  • Trailed seed drills

Fertiliser Sreaders

The Kuhn range of Fertiliser Spreaders offer long machine life and high spreading power and can improve farm profitability by ensuring the efficient and effective spreading of fertiliser.

Included in the range are:

  • Mounted spreaders
  • Trailed spreaders


Kuhn Sprayers are fitted with the most advanced technologies to ensure efficient application of optimum quality. The tanks are made of highly resistant polyethylene with ultraviolet stabiliser and their manual, electric and electronic controls provide an application of great precision.

Included in the range are:

  • Front tanks
  • Mounted sprayers
  • Trailed sprayers

Landscape and Road Maintenance

Kuhn’s Landscape Maintenance products guarantees good quality work at high working speeds and all models are designed to ensure the satisfaction of farmers, landscape professionals, contractors and local authorities.

Included in the range are:

  • Offset flail mowers
  • Hedge and grass cutters
  • Salt and sand spreaders
  • Rotary toppers
  • Orchard and vineyard flail mowers
  • Grass flail mowers
  • Crop residual flail mowers

Hay and Forage

Kuhn has been a leader of hay and forage making equipment for over 50 years and are world famous for their mowing machines and tedders.

With an impressive line-up of quality products to make light work of any job requiring this type of machine including:

  • Disc mowers
  • Drum mowers
  • Disc mower conditioners
  • Tedders
  • Single rotor rakes
  • Twin rotor rakes
  • Four rotor rakes
  • Belt mergers
  • Tedder-Rake combinations

Baler and Wrappers

Field performance, bale quality and bale density are guaranteed with every Kuhn baler and with innovative and unique features, these are some of the most efficient and advanced balers on the market today.  Included in the range are:

  • Round balers
  • Large square balers
  • Baler-wrapper combinations

And an even more crucial part of the silage making process is the wrapping of the bale for storage to help reduce the loss of vital nutrients.

The Kuhn range of bale wrappers does just this and much more and with several unique features too, you can choose from either a round bale wrapper or a square bale wrapper.


Kuhn has a wide range of livestock machinery ensuring quality mixing of the different ingredients in the ration as well as distribution managed by the weighing device and includes:

  • Trailed TMR mixers
  • Self-propelled TMR mixers
  • Straw blowers
  • Straw blowers and feeders
  • Stationary TMR mixers
  • Silage feeders

Electronics and Connected Services

Take advantage of the latest technological innovations available from Kuhn so you can keep producing in the best conditions with the Kuhn range of electronics and connected services including:

  • Terminal and ISOBUS solutions
  • Joysticks
  • Kuhn Connect

For more information on any of the Kuhn range of products, contact our sales department or visit the Kuhn website.