Latest Hayter Residential Brochure and Price List

View the latest Hayter residential brochure and price list

The latest 2021 Hayter residential brochure and price list has now landed and allows you to explore what Hayter has to offer for your garden and lawn areas.

For over 75 years, Hayter have manufactured a range of top quality mowing equipment, and they are all built right here in the UK.

Homeowners have placed their trust in Hayter to give their lawns a beautiful finish with every mow, and with some models an impressive striped finish.

Packed full of innovative features to make mowing easier, you can choose between petrol and electric models with specifications that include:

  • Easy Start – Some models feature Easy Start with will start your mower with the push of a button
  • Variable Speed – Models with this feature allow you to set the machine to suit the operator’s walking speed
  • Ribbed Roller – This rear roller is the key to creating beautiful stripes on your lawn
  • Brake Blade Clutch (BBC) – This allows users to stop the cutting blade while keeping the engine running. Perfect for grass bag emptying or moving between lawn areas
  • Adjustable Cutting Height – Most models allow you to adjust the cutting height with just one touch
  • Trim Side – This means you can cut right up to the edge of borders, raised flower beds, walls, etc.

All models come with a warranty, some with as many as 5 years (subject to terms and conditions), including lifetime deck warranty and lifetime crankshaft warranty.

Take a look at the latest Hayter Residential Brochure and Price List online and if you require any further assistance, then get in touch with our horticultural sales team today.