New Franchise Laumetris

We are pleased to announce our new franchise Laumetris.

Collings Brothers Of Abbotsley Limited Laumetris

Formed in 1993, Laumetris manufacture a wide range of quality agricultural equipment including:

Tillage Equipment

  • Compaction rollers
  • Stubble harrows
  • Disc harrows and heavy disc harrows
  • Cultivators
  • Hard soil tillage cultivators
  • Soil leveler
  • Soil ripper
  • Disc seeders
New Franchise Laumetris

Transport Equipment

  • Tractor-drawn semitrailers
  • Tank semitrailers
  • Root semitrailers
  • Tractor-drawn trailers
  • Chemical mixers
  • Construction semitrailers
  • Platform semitrailers
  • Livestock semitrailers
  • Sugar beet semitrailers
  • Peat semitrailers
  • Manure spreader
  • Stone collectors
New Franchise Laumetris

Spraying equipment

  • Tank semitrailers
  • Chemical mixers
New Franchise Laumetris

For more information on the Laumetris range of agricultural machinery, contact our sales department of visit the Laumetris website.