New Franchise MacDon Harvesting Equipment

Our latest new franchise MacDon Harvesting Equipment gives you 70 years of world leading technology, innovation, and manufacturing in high-performance harvesting equipment.

Collings Brothers Of Abbotsley Limited Macdon

MacDon’s relentless pursuit of improvement is driven by the desire to make harvesting easier and more productive for farmers.

With pioneer industry-leading innovations like the FlexDraper®, MacDon has a worldwide reputation for excellence as The Harvesting Specialists and are proud to make equipment that help producers harvest the crops that feed the world.

Included in the product line up are:

Windrowers and Headers

  • M1 Series Windrower
  • D1XL Series Draper Header
  • R1 Series Rotary Disc Headers
  • A Series Auger Headers
  • M155 E4 Windrower
  • M Series Windrowers
  • D65 Windrower Draper Header
  • R Series Rotary Disc Headers

Draper Headers for Combines

  • D1 Draper Headers and FD1 FlexDraper® Headers for Combines
  • FD75 FlexDraper® Headers for Combines
  • D65 Draper Headers for Combines

Corn Headers

C Series Corn Header

Pull Types

R1 Series Rotary Disc Pull Types

Pick-up Headers

PW8 Pick-up Header

For more information on our latest franchise MacDon Harvesting Equipment, please contact our sales team or visit the MacDon website.

Macdon Harvesting Equipment
Macdon Harvesting Equipment
Macdon Harvesting Equipment
Macdon Harvesting Equipment