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Bomford Turner

Since the late 1800’s, Bomford Turner have always been the leaders in their field. With a wide range of Arm Mowers, Flail Mowers and Toppers, Forestry and Cultivation machinery, the outstanding durability and ease of maintenance of their products have ensured Farmers, Contractors and Local Authorities can save time and money and improve productivity.

Arm Mowers.

With no fewer than 23 models of arm mower to choose from, the Bomford range of Arm Mowers provides a vast choice in both specification and budget.  Starting from the smallest compact tractor to large watercourse management models, there is a model for every landscape.

Included in the range are the Microklippa, Wren, Robin, Raven, Osprey, Kestrel Evo ‘E’, Kestrel Evo ‘S’, Kestrel Evo ‘S’ Forward, Kestrel Evo ‘S’ VFA, Kestrel Evo ‘S’ Front Mounted, Hawk Evo, Hawk Evo Forward, Hawk Evo VFA, Falcon Evo, Falcon Evo Forward, Falcon Evo VFA, Falcon Evo Telescopic VFA, Front Mount Range, Buzzard Evo, Buzzard Evo Forward, B71M & B80M, B81.81 and to complete the range the Eagle.

Further information and specifications can be found on the Bomford Turner Arm Mower webpage.

Buy Bomford Turner Arm Mowers from Collings Brothers of Abbotsley, Cambridgeshire

Flail Mowers and Toppers.

Bomford Turner offer a range of flail mowers and rotary toppers from simple groundscare machines to agricultural and industrial mowers for municipal and airport landscape maintenance.

These machines are built with straightforward objectives: quality, function, value and robust design. The simple operation of the products in this range also ensures customer satisfaction every time.

Choose from the CTVM, Bandit, Turbo Mower, Turbo Mower Offset, Raptor, Turbo VM, Twin-Blade, Tri-Blade and Tri-Wing models.

Further information and specifications can be found on the Bomford Turner Flail Toppers and Mowers webpage.

Bomford Turner Flail Toppers and Mowers from Collings Brothers of Abbotsley


Designed in conjunction with the NIAE, the Dyna-Drive enables successive cereal crops to be sown at reduced costs and in faster times than with traditional methods of cultivation.  With its simple and effective ground driven cultivator, it is suitable for use on all types of soil at high speed.

It is available in 1.6, 2.0, 2.6, 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0m widths and 4.0 and 6.0m Flex options are also available.

With a maintenance free drive system, no PTO requirement and option of a Crumbler or Packer roller, the Dyna-Drive easily breaks up stubble and breaks down ploughing.

Further information and specifications can be found on the Bomford Turner Cultivation webpage.

Bomford Turner Dyna Drive Cultivator from Collings Brother of Abbotsley

The Bomford Turner range of robust and effective mulchers offers real versatility with 2 ranges, standard duty (SD) and heavy duty (HD), with swinging or fixed hammers alongside our excavator mounted options.
Capable of clearing and mulching wood up to 300mm diameter (12”) on the Buccaneer HDX models, large areas can be cut, mulched and cleared in a single operation.

To complement the range of mulchers they also offer a selection of tree loppers to assist with hedgerow and tree line maintenance.

 Choose from the Buccaneer, Buccaneet Excavator, Buccaneer Excavator Mini and Tree Lopper.

Further information and specifications can be found on the Bomford Turner Forestry webpage.

Bomford Turner Forestry Machinery sales from Collings Brothers of Abbotsley


For more information on any of the Bomford Turner range of products, please contact our sales department or visit the Bomford Turner website.

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